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3 reviews for Blue Lotus Prefilled Vaporizer Pen

  1. The order was shipped out the next day. The taste is unique. But i can tell it’s something natural or some type of herb and not just a flavored vape. Has a little kick but a smooth throat hit. After about 10 mins i felt descent and mellowed out.

  2. Ordered 1 then let my girl try it. She vapes also so i ordered another one. Both came less than a week of me ordering them. Maybe 5 or six days. My girl liked it and said it put her in a different zone. Its not like CBD. When i vape cbd I don’t feel anything even though i know its good for you. But doing these vapes you will definitely feel something in a good way.

  3. One my friends ordered this and posted about it on his facebook. I seen Blue Lotus powder/supplements for sale on line on other websites before so i was familiar with Blue Lotus. I never seen anyone selling it as a vape. So i ordered one. I also do THC vapes here in California. The Blue Lotus vape kinda hit like a THC but has a different feeling from THC. Slightly milder. But it hits though

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